How cloud storage can streamline required disclosures

Cloud storage solutions are becoming more and more prevalent in the business community. In the legal field, allowing secure login access to specific documents in the cloud can actually speed the delivery of relevant documents to opposing counsel and can ensure full compliance with all regulations pertaining to both the sharing of information and the securing of that same information against unauthorized access.

Tiered levels of access

Depositions are a good example of documentation that must typically be shared among all members of a legal team. Attorneys may also be required to share this information with their counterparts on the other side of the case. By creating tiered access to the specific documents and evidence that pertain to a particular court case, legal professionals can eliminate tedious copying duties and can reduce the effort involved in delivering these materials directly to the opposing counsel.

Along with the improvements to disclosure procedures, cloud storage solutions can allow improved collaboration among the members of your legal team. Modern software platforms allow tracking of all changes and edits to case documentation for greater accountability and accuracy. In this way, these advanced software suites can boost productivity during the critical lead-up to the big day in court.