3 top apps for managing time for legal professionals

Modern software tools can make it easier than ever before for attorneys to track billable hours and manage their time more effectively. Here are three of the best iPad productivity apps for busy lawyers.

  • Time Master + Billing


Recommended by the American Bar Association for attorneys who must track billable hours on the go, Time Master offers a number of ways to track time spent on various cases. This iOS app offers several organization options and can be easily uploaded to desktop or laptop computers for easy time management in the future.

  • Fastcase


Attorneys can access U.S. statutes, cases, and precedents through this convenient and searchable app. Fastcase provides the utility of its higher-priced counterparts and can be downloaded for free from iTunes, making it a truly cost-effective solution for law library access.

  • Court Days


A customizable calendar program that allows quick and easy calculation of the available court days scheduled between two dates, Court Days can be fine-tuned to show court holidays and other dates of interest. At less than a dollar on iTunes, it’s a solid investment in time management.

These three iOS apps can save time and effort in tracking billable hours and maintaining productivity both in and out of the law office setting.